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Hemp Honey Benefits

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Hemp Honey Benefits

Raw & CBD Creamed Honey

We carefully blend pure and raw honey that we harvest from our own bee farm honey with full spectrum hemp extract and other organic oils (such as Sunflower Oil & Coconut Oil) to create an incredibly potent, while keeping it organic and natural, cinnamon flavored - super food. But it doesn't stop there. 

You see quite a few companies out there mix honey with hemp oil and call it a day. However, as beekeepers we know a bit about how honey works. Creaming the honey, takes extra steps, but what it allows us to do is to distribute the incredibly powerful full spectrum extract (otherwise known as Full Spectrum CBD Creamed Honey) evenly across the jar. Essentially being as close as possible to having an equal dose of CBD Creamed Honey in ever serving.

If you just add hemp oil to honey - it simply wouldn't work out that way. To begin with, honey and oil do not mix very well. It's also common sense that if you add oil to a jar of honey, you'll have more of the oil on top, but less and less so as you consume more and more of it. 

It is this proprietary blending process of CBD and Creamed Honey that allows us to blend natures two very powerful superfoods in your every spoonful.